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“I still stand tall, stronger and wiser”, says Nigerian musician Kelly Hansome

Sometime ago, news broke out in the media (Nollywoodgossip not included) that Nigerian musician Kelly Hansome publicly embarrassed a reporter. We decided not to carry the story until we confirm from either the reporter or the musician. In a brief interview with Delia Innoma, Kelly sheds more light on the incident.

How did you feel when you read the controversial things written about you?

I felt bad, but at the same time I feel great. Bad because it is just an effort by someone to ruin my reputation and this is sad because the press who are supposed to be the source of truth, the voice of the people, have become so cheap that they can be bought over with money, so cheap that they can be pushed around easily by the evil ones.

On the other hand I feel great because despite all the bad news they have published about me, I still stand tall, stronger and wiser. I am not bothered about the lies they tell because the truth can never be hidden but rather I thank God for making me a stronghold, a great man I was, still be and that I will forever remain.

Are you saying that none of those controversial stories are true?

No, they are not. I have been approached several times by movie people but we have not come to a concrete agreement yet, because I don’t just want to be on TV for popularity. I am mega popular. I want to do it right. My Grandma once told me when she read some rubbish about me on one paper that it is only a tree that has fruits that is stoned by people. I have no fear.

What about the reporter who wrote that you were begging for movie roles, have you ever met or spoken with him?

I just met him recently, a long time after he published the news.

Why did you see that story as the worst thing ever written about you?

So far, it is. It creates that impression that I am frustrated when I am not and will never be. I will go into movies in a big way, eventually in a big way but not begging for roles at a public function. I am not moved but I have to let my fans know that these stories are being sponsored by some evil ones amongst us.

What were your reasons for seeking out and exposing the man?

I wanted people to know that the news was false, needed to set an example with one person.

Some people believed your boys beat him up. How true was that?

Never! There is a voice recording and video of the guy saying that himself, that no one touched him. I will soon put that up too.

Did you report the case to the police?

Yes, the police have his statement.

Nollywoodgossip wish you the best.


By Delia Innoma

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