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Immigration news

UK unemployment falls by 17,000 to 2.48 million - ONS

altWatson: “Short term employment is not the answer and only provides a short term solution”

UK unemployment fell by 17,000 to 2.48 million, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.

The ONS announced that youth unemployment stood at 963,000, with the jobless rate for young people remaining above 20%. Although unemployment amongst men fell by 31,000 in the three months to the end of February, the number of jobless women rose by 14,000.

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Cameron to set out immigration plan

altIt will be more difficult for those on temporary visas to remain permanently in the UK

Ending Britain's benefits culture and cutting immigration are "two sides of the same coin", the Prime Minister David Cameron will say he sets out the Government's plan to reduce the number of migrants coming to the UK.

Mr Cameron will say that foreign workers could not be blamed for snapping up jobs if the country's "woeful" benefits system meant many Britons did not need to work, but instead could live on state handouts.

The Government "would never control immigration properly if it didn't tackle welfare dependency". Mr Cameron will add he wants to see "good immigration, not mass immigration", with tighter controls on student visas and the number skilled workers coming to the UK.

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Italy to issue 10,000 temporary permits to irregular Tunisians

altTen thousand Tunisians who arrived in Italy illegally before 5th April are set to receive temporary residence permits, Mr. Alfredo Mantovano, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs has said.

Mr. Mantovano said the State printer was already preparing the permits which should be ready to be issued within a week, at most within ten days.

Each immigrant will be issued a plastic permit card with a microchip containing the holder’s personal data.

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Green: Rights of trafficking victims strengthened

"The UK has become a world leader in fighting trafficking"

The government is taking positive steps to ensure it remains a world leader in the fight against human trafficking, Immigration Minister Damian Green has said.

Responding to the case of a Moldovan trafficking victim who received substantial damages from the government this week, he explained that the rights of victims have now been strengthened.

“This very disturbing case shows why our approach to human trafficking has changed significantly since 2003. In recognition of the need to identify victims of trafficking the UK ratified and brought into force the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking,” Mr. Green said.

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IOM appeals for US$ 41.6 million to avert humanitarian crisis in Côte D'Ivoire

Funds will also be used to provide return assistance to 200,000 stranded migrants

IOM has appealed for US$ 41.6 million to provide urgently needed aid to thousands escaping the violence in Côte d'Ivoire and to avert a looming humanitarian catastrophe.

The situation in the capital Abidjan, and in the west and central regions of the country, has dramatically deteriorated due to continued heavy fighting. Thousands of civilians have been trapped inside their houses without food and water for more than a week. It is estimated that over 1 m people have left their homes in Abidjan and are now sheltering with relatives.

Reports from Abidjan indicate that large numbers of dead bodies are strewn in the streets and entire neighbourhoods are without electricity and water. The city, home to five million people, has a severe shortage of water treatment products. It is feared that this could lead to an early outbreak of water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.

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