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Immigration news

Stuligrosz: “Violent pornography threatens women’s dignity”

Violent pornography is a serious threat to women’s dignity and physical integrity, Michal Stuligrosz, MEP and PACE rapporteur on violent pornography has said.

“Pornography is an industry seeking profits and needing to expand by launching new products. Violent and extreme pornography is clearly dangerous. It threatens not only women’s dignity and their status in society, as ‘traditional’ pornography does, but also their actual physical integrity,” Mr. Stuligrosz said. “Several studies show that pornography in general affects the viewer’s perception of women and attitudes towards them. As for violent pornography in particular, while it cannot by itself lead people to commit violent crimes, it can probably encourage those who have violent fantasies to act them out.”

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74 irregular migrants deported from Italy

Last week 74 non-EU irregular immigrants were deported from Italy using different flights, Ministry of Home Affairs has said. They were mainly Tunisians, Moroccans and Nigerians.

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More than 70% of immigrants in Italy have a current account

The number of immigrants in Italy with current accounts continues to grow steadily. By taking into account figures from BancoPosta and all other Italian banks, it emerges that more than 70% of immigrants in the country have a current account.

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Pope: "Human ecology is an imperative”

Pope Benedict XVI has called for respect of the environment. "Human ecology is an imperative,” he said. “Adopting a lifestyle that respects our environment and supports the research and use of clean energies that preserve the patrimony of creation and that are safe for human beings should be given political and economic priority."

The Pope made the call in his address to the six new Ambassadors to the Holy See who presented their credential letters on 9th June.

The new Ambassadors are: Stefan Gorda of Moldavia, Narciso Ntugu Abeso Oyana of Equatorial Guinea, Henry Llewellyn Lawrence of Belize, Hussan Edin Aala of Syria, Genevieve Delali Tsegah of Ghana, and George Robert Furness Troup of New Zealand.

Referring to the "innumerable tragedies that have affected nature, technology, and the peoples" in the first semester of this year, Pope Benedict XVI urged States “to reflect together on the short term future of the planet, on our responsibilities regarding our life and technology."

The Pope highlighted that "a change in mentality" is necessary in order to "quickly arrive at a global lifestyle that respects the covenant between humanity and nature, without which the human family risks disappearing.”

He appealed to all governments to “commit themselves to protecting nature and assisting it to carry out its essential role in the survival of humanity.”

The Pope said that the UN seemed to be “the natural framework for this type of reflection, which should not be obscured by blindly partisan political or economic interests in order to give preference to solidarity over particular interests."

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Rethink settlement proposals - JCWI

They are discriminatory against domestic workers

The settlement proposals published by the government are bad news for migrant workers in the UK, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has said.

They will make it harder for the brightest and the best workers to work in the UK, JCWI said, adding that Britain will become an unattractive place for workers to come to fill skill gaps, because they will enjoy fewer rights and it will be harder to bring their families with them.

JCWI also holds that the proposed measures will encourage irregularity amongst migrant workers. With no official channels open to those who wish to settle here, irregularity will become inevitable. Those who have worked in the UK for four years currently have the opportunity to apply for settlement rights. To take this chance away will mean that any aspiration to live here permanently will disappear. What care and pride will people invest in the country during their limited time here, JCWI asked.

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