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“Mandela is Brazilian” - TV show reveals ignorance of some Italian MPs

“Le Iene”, an Italian satirical TV show last night broadcasted clips showing incredible level of ignorance among some Italian MPs.

Asked who Nelson Mandela is, an MP said that Mr. Mandela is a South American President. He even specified that Mr. Mandela is a Brazilian.

It was also embarrassing to see an MP totally ignorant of what Guantanamo Bay detention camp is. He first said that Guantanamo is in Iraq and Afghanistan, then changed his mind and confirmed that it is in Afghanistan.

Two MPs didn’t know the official name of the current Pope. Instead of saying he is called Pope Benedict XVI, one said that he is Pope John Paul VI while another MP said that he is called Pope Boniface.

And that’s not all. When asked what Darfur is, an MP who didn’t know that it is a region in Sudan said that Darfur is a form of expression. He claimed that Darfur refers to things done in a hurry,  “a way of behaviour.”

So next time you do something in a hurry, please know that what you are doing is called Darfur.  

Such a level of ignorance should not be tolerated from the lawmakers, people who help shape national and international politics.


By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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lucky (109.115.64.xxx) 2012-03-16 19:58:41

we are disapointed by the so call the MP of nation of italy.
tThis is reason why most or almost 65% of the MP denia or refuseing the citizenship right of the children because they dont know there important and value and the futur benefit the country will get in time.
i think it is right time the MPs should be lecture in so many things both home and abroad.
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