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Riccardi: Punish exploiters of irregular immigrants

Integration Minister Andrea Riccardi has called for tough sanctions against those who exploit irregular immigrants in Italy.

He said that there was wide use of irregular immigrant workers in many sectors such as construction and agriculture.

Employers make unscrupulous use of these workers, the minister said.

Italian and foreign criminal organisations also recruit the desperate irregular immigrants, Mr. Riccardi said. All these must be fought relentlessly, he said.

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XYZ ( 2012-04-20 17:51:09

Mr Riccardi 400 000 people are illegal unemployed do something for them rather then ... and you are inviting 35 000 people ...
kings ( 2012-04-21 17:15:24

The only way the italian state can combat the use of illegalities, or the exploitation of irregular workers is by publishing another amnesty(sanatoria).. many irregular immigrants like me will never report my boss to the state, because my boss is the one that is saving me from committing crimes by giving me work each day to meet up with my rentage, bills, clothes, food, name it.. and my boss is always ready to regularize me whenever there is a law for that.. the italian state should be held responsible for the exploitation of illegal immigrants..
:) ( 2012-04-23 15:38:23

there's a huge number of it's not possible to punish them.. and there's also a huge numbers of illegal people about 500000.. but if the government think well about them then they would publish a amnesty.. please do something for us..
james bond ( 2012-04-30 09:28:27

There will always be a room for the immigrants to be exploited,as far there is no social welfare in italy.the things immigrant surffers in italy are too numerous to count,rating from jobs opportunity,housing,cut of salaries,and impossibility of renewing document without a tell me,an immigrant whom stand a chance of loosing her document all because he or she needs to present a working document .in such situation,she found an exploiter who is ready to offer her a job for a low wage,what do you expect the applicant to do?to refused the offer and let her document expired,or accept the offer for her to be able to renew her stay adice to The italian govermt is that,they should try as much as possible to regularized the 500000 illegal immigrants already living in italy ,and try and create a job oppurtunity for those with permite of stay already living in the country,and not publishing flussi all the time,all for their self question is,when the new ones come f...
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