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Legal Guide Italy

Domestic workers: How to file your income tax returns

Each domestic worker (caregiver – badante; housekeeper –colf) receives a net salary plus social security contributions which the employer pays every three months to INPS.

Such contributions don’t include the taxes which each worker has to pay in order to benefit from the services provided by the State through its public institutions (schools, hospitals, City Councils, etc).

According to Italian law, anyone who receives a salary in the country from subordinate and self-employed work must file income tax returns every year. This is a way of declaring to the State how much one has earned in a given year.

Each worker has to pay taxes depending on his/her income, according to the criteria established by the law. The higher you earn, the higher the taxes you pay.

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Guide on how to submit application for seasonal workers

1) Log on to the website  Those who have already registered should proceed to Number 4, otherwise click on the “Effettua registrazione” (Carry out registration)

2) Enter your personal data and click “invia” (Send)

3) After viewing on the screen a message confirming registration, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to complete registration

4) Log on to the website, type your email address and password on the section “accesso per utenti registrati” (access for registered users) and click on “invia” (Send)

5) Click on “richiesta moduli” (Request for forms)

6) Choose “Richiesta di nulla osta al lavoro subordinato stagionale – Modulo C” (Application form for authorisation for seasonal subordinate work – Form C)

7) Fill in the form and use “Indietro” & “Avanti” (Backward and Forward buttons) to move between different sections.

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Negotiated rent contracts

In areas with high populations, there is a possibility of signing the so-called negotiated rent contracts (contratti concordati). There are three types of contract under this category: 3+2 rent contracts; transitory contracts; and student contracts.

3+2 rent contracts

The 3+2 rent contract is different from the normal rent contract because it is valid for a shorter period. The normal rent contract is valid for four years and is renewable for four years (4+4).

The 3+2 contract is valid for at least three years and is renewable for two years.

The landlords have a tax relief of 30% on the Municipal housing tax (imposta comunale sugli immobili - ICI).

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How to expunge a Criminal Record in Italy

A criminal record is a list of crimes for which someone has been previously convicted. A non-EU foreigner in Italy cannot renew his/her Permit of Stay if he has been condemned for some crimes identified by the Immigration Law.

According to Article 4 of the Immigration Law, a foreigner who has been condemned for crimes listed in Article 380 of the Criminal Code such as robbery with violence, or sale of counterfeit goods, cannot renew his/her Permit of Stay even if the person has sufficient income and work contract.

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Family members of EU citizens and their right to live in Italy

Family members of European Union citizens who are not nationals of the EU must apply for a residence permit for family members of Union citizens (carta di soggiorno per familiare di cittadino UE). This permit is valid for five years from its date of issue.
A family member of EU citizen can be:
- a spouse (wife or husband)
- children aged under 21 years old
- dependent children who are aged over 21 years
- dependent parents

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