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How women can ignite their sex lives by talking dirty

The Dirty Talk Handbook teaches women how to drive men wild in bed with mind-blowing dirty talk

Keeping sex life exciting is a problem faced by couples in relationships the world over. The sexual spark often fades and intimacy can become boring, mundane, or even non-existent. Even if a couple once couldn’t keep their hands off each other, it’s common for people’s sex lives to reduce to the once-a-week-Friday-night-quickie-before-bed routine.

Reigniting that spark is an equally common problem. Couples in long-term relationships often struggle to find new ways to make sex exciting, and many long for that heart-fluttering giddy feeling they had when their relationship was new.

But now women everywhere are discovering how to recharge their sex lives by driving their partners wild in bed with mind-blowing dirty talk. Written by relationship expert, Evan Michaels, “The Dirty Talk Handbook” is a new book available for download from his website,

The book allows women to transform their sex lives by helping them build confidence in the bedroom, and discover the things men secretly crave women to say during sex.

“What sets this book apart is that it’s written by a man for women,” says Michaels. “It’s a no-holds-barred exposé of what men really want when it comes to dirty talk”

Recognizing that some women may be apprehensive about suddenly talking dirty in front of their partner, Michaels has developed a step-by-step system that helps women practice and build their confidence before they take the plunge.

“Women don’t want to sound like porn stars in bed,” says Michaels. “And nor should they. I encourage women to think about dirty talk differently - to make it a healthy part of a healthy sex life.”

“First, it’s important to increase self confidence, learn what men want to hear, and take things at your own pace. But before they know it, many women say their sex lives are way better than when they were first with their partners.”

The book features detailed tips on how to deliver sexy, natural dirty talk, as well as how to use different techniques in and out of the bedroom, such as talking, texting and e-mailing. With hundreds of examples of things to say and phrases to use, women also learn how to figure out what type of guy their partner is and what will turn him on. Advanced techniques include mastering body language, facial expressions and voice control for even more powerful dirty talk and how bedroom games and role playing can add another dimension to talking dirty. was founded by Evan Michaels from Vancouver, BC, Canada to help men and women learn how to spice up their sex lives in fun and exciting ways by discovering the art of talking dirty. With the help of Jess Summers, Evan has created dirty talk handbooks for each gender from the other’s point of view - each written by a member of the opposite sex. Evan is pleased to report his relationship is as exciting and sizzling as ever!

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