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Ejaculation Guru release video showing how to last longer in bed

Author Jack Grave reveals how he went from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes

Author Jack Grave has released a free online video explaining the treatment process for lasting longer in bed.

He reveals his personal struggle with lasting less than 10 seconds in bed and how he overcame the demoralizing situation without medication or surgical intervention.

In a market where most authors hide behind the anonymity of text, Jack Grave bears his soul as he explains the difficulties he endured while suffering with a severe case of premature ejaculation (PE).

The authenticity of the video allows viewers to relate on level previously not possible without face to face interaction.

In his video, Jack also reveals many strategies for lasting longer in bed that most other treatment programs of a similar nature charge significant sums for. This innovative strategy of offering a free video packed with high quality information before asking for the sale has helped surge the expansion of the Ejaculation Guru guide in the market for educating men how to last longer in bed. Following on its success some competing programs are already releasing feature videos of their own.

In the video, (available for free at Jack discusses the “intense embarrassment” he experienced and recounts his sadness in being unable to relate to his friends’ sexual adventures while suffering from his severe case of PE. The video develops to Jack explaining the realization he had that began his transformational journey to naturally cure his condition. He discovered that “these guys [his friends] who were lasting long in bed weren’t so different from me ... They were just doing different things before and during sex” and all he had to do was figure out what those different things were.

The video transitions to explaining several methods for lasting longer in bed naturally and without the need for pills, special creams or surgical intervention. Most notably, Jack focuses on a concept called “Pleasure Awareness” and goes on to explain that most men fail to appreciate how close they are to orgasm and what the specific causes of orgasm are.

In understanding the causes of pleasure and orgasm a man can treat his PE by taking control of those causes. And Jack goes on to explain several methods a man can use to control these causes to last longer in bed.

The Ejaculation Guru video includes the story of how Jack Grave went from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes and the methods he used to make it happen.

The video has already been viewed by thousands of people and can still be seen for free on the Ejaculation Guru website at

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