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Create room for models of colour

Exclusive interview with model Vicky Ngari-Wilson, a very proud mother

Vicky Ngari-Wilson is a model, a stylist and an entrepreneur. She is a former Miss East Africa UK, Miss Kenya UK and Exquisite Face of the Universe. Vicky who enjoys creating events and doing PR is working on creating a charitable foundation.

Vicky and her mother have created ‘N’ya’ jewellery, a brand of contemporary authentic African brass designs. Each piece donates 10% to building a home for street children in Kenya.

Vicky has something special to reveal. “This is gonna shock a lot of people but I would like to announce the birth of my baby girl. She is beautiful and has already proudly started her modelling career with maternity and baby work,” Vicky says. Here’s an exclusive interview she granted The AfroNews.

Vicky, why did you choose to become a model?

I grew up in the super model era so from the age of six I mimicked my favourite stars. I was never shy in front of the lens so after nagging my mother to ‘look at me’ all the time, she finally decided to sign me up with an agent.   

For how long have you been modelling?

I began at 16 years old with commercials and editorials then entered and won my first pageant at 22. From then I began doing fashion shows and a little acting.   

How does it feel to be a model?

When you do something you love, it’s fulfilling. I get so excited not just about taking a good shot but also being a stylist- it’s about working as a team to get a strong theme and story behind the picture.

We hardly see black models in major fashion shows, magazine covers and in advertisements in the UK. Why do you think this happens?

Honestly - I think it reflects the demography of people who are running the show behind the scenes most of the time. Maybe designers and directors haven’t had the guts to break the mold yet. I am sure there are probably more reasons that make the whole thing a complex and controversial subject.   

What’s your message to those who organise fashion events in the UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part?

The world is a colourful place - there are lots of pots in the paint pallet!

Is there any particular thing you’d like to campaign for or against?

Hmm I would like to campaign for more petite models!
As a model, what do you consider to be your role in the society?

To model grace inside and outside in your performance and involvement in projects. I think it’s important to lead, starting new ideas and projects from your platform.   
What’s the part of your body you like most?

At my fittest, I’m pretty proud of all of my body because I work hard at it and I am how I am supposed to be. If I had to choose - my abs and behind.

What’s your favourite Music/Book/Movie?

Being a writer I have many favourite books, I’m usually reading four or five at a time – “In my Mother’s Garden” by Alice Walker, “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle, “48 laws of Power”, and “Woman thou art loosed” by TD Jakes. Music depends on my mood. I love the power of music: old school RnB and Hip Hop revive my youth, Cold Play mellows my focus, Soul softens my spirit, Rick Ross motivates me and Beyoncé awakens the diva! Most recent favourite movies are “Limitless”, “For Coloured girls” and “Book of Eli”.

What’s your most memorable day?

The day my daughter was born. I’m sure I had a conversation with God, for a moment I understood the meaning of life. I understood my power.

What do you like most about yourself?

I like the fact that I know what I want in this life.  

What’s your favourite food?

Ha! I cannot answer that- I love food, as long as it’s healthy and tasty, it’s all love.  

What’s your special talent?

Styling: be it a room, make up, hair or an outfit. When I have a vision I will improvise till it’s perfect from conception to completion.   

What are your career and personal ambitions?

I want to run a lucrative business, have a productive charity foundation and be a brand that stands for a strong feminine power. I also want to nurture four or five talented children and a strong marriage.   

What’s your message to the black community members, especially to the young people who quite often don’t think they can make it in life?

The battle is in the mind, you gonna go where you are thinking so fight to change it.

What do you do to keep your figure in shape and your body well toned?

Running, spinning, kick boxing, pilates, hot bikram yoga. A combination gives a good balance of fitness, conditioning and suppleness. Exercise is a must, after having my baby I flung back to shape.

Do you have any fashion, beauty and style tips to share with our readers?

Style - find the best part of you and accentuate it with class. If you don’t have a clue about clothes - keep it simple.
For beauty I drink lots of water and exercise to keep skin glowing. Lip gloss and shaped eyebrows always give women a finished look.  

What are the qualities of your ideal man?

I am very blessed to be able to say I have my ideal man. He is ambitious not only in his professional life but in constantly growing as a better person, he seeks God. He can charm anyone. A family man and he looks good, he’s beautiful.  

Full Name: Vicky Ngari- Wilson
Date of birth: 30/09/1986
Place of birth: Kenya
Height: 5’5
Bust: 32 C
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 5
Eyes: Black
Hair Colour: Brown
Qualification: BA Creative Writing
Country of parents’ origin: Kenya

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By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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